Kind Things Other Say & Letters from Kids we love

May 2020

“Good morning Bruce! I just completed the audiobook, Wild At Heart, with my son Nathan. This book came right on time for both of us.  Everyday that we have been going through this book my thoughts carry me back to you. I don’t want to write a long and winding tale of my life story right now in this message. It’s not necessary. What I do want to communicate is my deep and sincere gratitude for you. You are the man who initiated me into masculinity, into manhood. You awakened the warrior in me. Teaching me how to drive, operate a boat, ride three wheelers, fish, go mudding, hunting, inviting me into the wildness of my heart, taking me out on adventures, making it a whole lot of fun!  Memory after memory continues to flash in my mind and all were so important and critical to my identity.   My Father gave me two names when I was a child the first one….. “Bastard”, that is what he called me whenever he was around on a regular basis. He second favorite name for me was “worthless”, and that would always include whatever expletive he felt I needed to hear. I started hearing those words when I was 3yrs old. Then it would be intensified whenever he would come home, after being gone for weeks, in a drunken rage and would pull me out of the bed and throw me around…kicking me and hitting me as he called me those names in the early morning hours …. for no reasons except that he hated me. My dad dealt the wounds, those two arrows had deeply penetrated my heart, those two names would become my identity. So that period of time I spent with you was the most significant moment in my young masculine journey. You affirmed in me that I was not a Bastard or Worthless but that I could be dangerous, wild, I could fight a battle, an adventure to explore was all encouraged by you and I will forever be grateful. Bruce. I only have 2 Father figures in my life growing up in those critical formative years as a young boy and that’s Papaw & You. So. Thank you Bruce. Thank you for teaching me so many valuable life lessons especially as a young boy who was in desperate need of a Father. You were that Father who played a critical role in the man I have become today.   Thank you Bruce!  You are the very best Father I could have ever asked for. I love you and to hear you say that you are proud of me means everything, they are words of validation that I need to hear too. You are a good man and God has enlarged your influence as a Father.” – Eddie R.

“You don’t know Karen Scott like I do, but let me tell you something I have four boys, and thanks to Karen and Bruce Scott I have my house and car they haven been there for us, I was about to lose my house and they paid the taxes, my car broke down last year and they bought me one, and thanks to the I have a job now, they have helped me when my own family turn their back on me, they take my kids to school and pick them up, as a divorced mom with no help from ex husband, I thank God everyday for what they have done for me and keep doing.” – Ana

“We love all that you do. Thank you for helping our family when you did.”

“I first learned how kind and caring Karen and Bruce Scott are only a few months after meeting them. We were visiting them with our friend Tony, who was also fostered by them, and it was around Christmas, December 23 to be exact. We weren’t going to have Christmas at my house because we couldn’t afford presents, so Karen was nice enough to buy us gifts. I remember the date because that night, Karen and Bruce sat us down and had all the other children leave the room. We received terrible news about the passing of our mother. The way they went about giving us the news was the only good part about the ordeal, because they didn’t just say “Your mom is dead”, and walk away. No, they comforted us, but I was still dumbfounded it happened so suddenly, and I had no intention of staying with a step father who I feared and despised. Karen and Bruce were kind enough to let us, 2 kids that they just met a few months prior, to stay in their house. I got the opportunity to spend a year with a few of the most caring, amazing and kindhearted people in the world. Since living with them, I have seen many acts of kindness that too many people wouldn’t perform. They are nice, but they are firm, excellent qualities for a parent to have. Karen and Bruce Scott are extraordinary people and I love them.”
From Aaron H.

“I have known this family for 30 years. She and her gentle, caring husband, Bruce, are changing lives. Karen does what she does at great personal cost, yet fearlessly moves forward because I believe she has found her calling, and now nothing else really matters but this incredible goal.
The Scott’s are not just saving young lives, but are loving them until they can find out who they really are. God Himself loves through them, touches and changes these young lives. Karen literally pours herself out as a sacrifice of love and support to little ones that have never experienced what she and Bruce, Emily and Giana have to give them. This family is an example of how a loving family operates and communicates, and teaches these kids the skills of how to give and receive love, and it is healing.
They are the real thing.”
– Linda G

From Casey –
Hi Karen. I didn’t know exactly how to send this to you. This is a piece of work that I wrote in school, based off of the prompt, “Tell about a person that inspires you, and why they do.” I hope this will help your cause.

“Twas a cold December morn, the 24th to be precise, Christmas Eve. I, along with my brother and a troupe (Or is it a gaggle?) of children were paraded through Walmart for a day of shopping with my friend, Tony´s, adopted mom, a women named Karen Scott. Her house was a magical place, full of warmth and love, and soooo many children, whom Karen loved dearly. She gave birth to only one of them, yet they were all treated as if they were her own. Some were adopted, some were their friends, some were just neighbors that like to hang out, she provided food and love and welcoming to all. So after we were all tuckered out from shopping, Karen took my brother, Aaron, and me aside, and dropped a bomb on us… Our mother had passed. She then wrapped us in her love and invited us to live in her home, where we lived for a year, before we moved to New York, where our dad lived. Karen is my role model. She loves everyone, has patience to spare, and is caring, kind, and gives everything she has to those around her. While I miss my mom dearly, I don’t regret what happened, as it allowed her to be a major part of my life. She is the kind of person that everyone should aspire to be.”
Casey H

“Karen Scott……what comes to my mind when I think of Karen Scott? Angel, Mom, Advocate. My first experience regarding Karen and Bruce was several years ago when I had heard rumor that my X-daughter in law had died. We had no knowledge of where she or our 2 grandsons were living so I googled for a few minutes and up popped a gofundme account. Karen had created this so the boys would have Christmas. Their mother died 2 days before Christmas and there were NO presents in the apartment. Apparently, the boys had befriended some of the children living with Karen. While they were visiting for the weekend, their mother was found dead in her apartment. Karen, without blinking an eye, kept the boys at her house and took care of their needs as well as that of the grandmother. While they remained with Karen and Bruce, they and my son worked out a plan to solidify their relationship and, hopefully, to reunite the family. They were moved to schools in a closer proximity to Karen’s home and a higher caliber of education provided. The boys were treated like family, they were family. What was expected of one child was expected of all the children. They had rules, they were taught proper eating and hygiene habits and they went to church. But above all, they were taught how to love. They were showed love in action. After a year, our family was reunited. Karen and Bruce remain part of our family. God used them. For years, ever since they moved away, I prayed that God would send someone to my grandsons who would protect them until they could come home. He sent Karen and Bruce Scott. Thank you, Jesus!”
Alice Honey

“I have been in prison for 6 years now and I just wanted to write to tell you thank you. It blows my mind that complete strangers can be so kind and generous when my own family has disowned me.” – Christine (Inmate)

“Karen and Bruce Scott are two of the most selfless people I have ever had the honor to know.
They are ordinary folks, but with an extraordinary calling. They see a need in their community, and they do their best to fulfill that need, no questions asked. They take on children who need a safe place to be, help parents who are on the edge, financially, mentally, spiritually, and minister to people who are in or have just gotten out of correctional facilities. T
hey are more than a “foster home.” They are more than a “temporary fix.”
The Scott family is just that, they are a family.
And they treat everyone who comes in through their doors as their own.
My family and I pray and thank God for them every single day, as they continue to impact people’s lives, as they have impacted ours.” Amanda G.

“You, Bruce and your family are perfect examples of a true God sent blessing to so many people.” – Teresa

“I always say when you do good deeds you are paving your way to heaven, well you and Bruce are paving in gold. The world needs more people like your family. You are changing lives. Good work 🙂 ” – Anne

“I love you so much. No one has EVER been there for me the way you have. I don’t deserve you in my life because of how I acted and treated you. I promise to show you instead of tell you when I get home. I love you.” – Holly