Our Vision…

Our vision is that EVERY child being neglected or abused be removed immediately from the environment and placed in a loving, safe, foster home with reunification happening only after significant, appropriate, long term behavioral and environmental improvements have been documented and observed.

Our vision is that EVERY child in the foster care system be a permanent part of a loving, stable, successful home environment that will support that child throughout his/her life.

To secure a facility that will provide a GROUP HOME  large enough to open our doors to several more children and sibling groups. Keeping sibling groups together during a family trauma is exceptionally important and a vital service that many cannot provide due to lack of space.

  • To raise up countless qualified, loving, safe foster homes in our community to ensure long term care of the children.
  • To draw attention to the unacceptable conditions in the current foster care system and facilitate positive change.

-We want to establish several more open-door homes in our community for at-risk children to make voluntary or involuntary foster placement less traumatic for the children and more conciliatory for the families.

-We hope to establish a “For Profit” auction house and sales gallery that would employee the young adults, and/or their caregivers who have difficulty obtaining a job because of their past mistakes, allowing them an opportunity to earn a living while learning job skills and developing quality references.