URGENT NEEDS – How you can help!

Our greatest need is for a much larger home. More bedrooms and more space mean we can help more kids without feeling like we are cram packed with no elbow room. If you ever walked through our front door and viewed the shoe situation pile up you would know exactly what I mean.

These precious kids need space! They need to run and jump and climb and zip around and when they come inside they need to at least have a closet to hang their clothes and store their shoes. They need trees to climb and a safe place to ride bikes and play basketball.  Right now we live on what has become a major thoroughfare. It used to be a not so busy street but things changed. We make do, but it is taking a toll on all of us.  As they get bigger- literally and figuratively- they accumulate more stuff.  Not just superfluous stuff either, things that are important to them that they need a place for. Trophies, artwork, musical instruments, and sports equipment. It takes up space and that is what we are out of.  We want to give them breathing room and at least a place inside the house where they could have quiet time. Very hard to do where we currently live.

You’d think this would be easy to find a larger home but we have quite a few restrictions on where we can live and what we need. Our main man, Bruce, foster Dad extraordinaire- is an elected official to the LCMCD in District 7. This restricts where we can live. We also have utility trailers for our auction company and that restricts where we can live- no homeowners associations for us, no gated communities.  We need a yard that is safe and not on a busy street like we are currently living on.  We have found numerous houses that would work, most of them are out of our price range. Oh, and then there is the issue of getting financing when you are self employed people.  On our own, we have exhausted every angle and then some. We have found what we thought was perfect and it never worked out. We know God is working even when we can’t see it and we believe that there is a property that is perfect for the children we have now and the ones that we will have in the future. If you have any connections, leads, ideas, millions of dollars waiting to be invested in the lives of children, please let us know!

Other needs:

Sponsors for Braces – currently we have 3 children in braces all paid out of pocket, one is a VERY expensive endeavor as he needed massive work and intensive treatment. This is a monthly fee for all 3 of them to the tune of $650 and your donation can be earmarked to cover their smiles.

Sponsors for Vehicles – we want to do everything we can while we are here on earth to ease the burden for hardworking single parents and grandparents. It is hard enough to raise children by yourself, it can be financially, emotionally, and physically exhausting at times. Without a reliable vehicle it creates so much stress it affects everyone in the family. We pay for repairs, we donate vehicles, and we also donate the use of a vehicle while theirs is being repaired. If you can donate a reliable vehicle instead of trading it in, you would be such a blessing to a family in need!