Monthly Donors

Monthly Donors are our lifeline!

We never know what our own income will look like from month to month as we are self employed and commission based.  We also never know how many children we will have to feed on any given day.  Groceries have increased substantially along with everything else, and our monthly donors who have stood by us faithfully have carried us through some very uncertain times. Gifting us $25 or $250 a month, the amount given is like putting the fishes and loves in the hands of Jesus, it is always enough. We are SO grateful for these amazing angels who are steadfast and faithful in their giving and allow us to reach more children and families in need.

Having friends donate a set amount each month allows us to confidently budget for upcoming expenditures and is SUCH a Godsend. We would invite you to join us each month as we do our best to love, nurture, and guide the children that God entrusts to us.