Mission Statement

We provide safe shelter to children at risk, teaching them effective life skills in a loving environment while breaking the generational cycle of abuse, addiction, and poverty.

Providing at-risk kids with safety, proper nutrition, clothing, supervised education, and practical life skills so they don’t perpetuate the lifestyle of poverty and government dependence.  Whether with us short term or long term, every minute they are with us we speak words of love, encouragement, and hope into their lives. We seek to break the cycle!  We want them to know that God will ALWAYS send helpers and where to look for them.  We  hold them accountable for their own growth and development in a loving, safe, and fun environment. We love and nurture them, but our primary goal is to teach them how to successfully navigate life on their own. We love them as our own and each child that has come through our home has taken a part of our hearts with them. 

video kids at denny's