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Paperback Books for sale by Karen Reynolds Scott

“I Can’t Poop If God Is Watching” by Karen Reynolds Scott (from

I Cant Poop If God Is Watching

In Kindergarten she had the boy with Down Syndrome in her class fill his mouth with water and spit it all over the mean boy for her. In 1st grade she got in trouble for telling her teacher to “just get on with it”, in 2nd grade she told her friend that we were poor and the next day came home with a crisp, real $100 bill in her backpack. In 3rd grade she got “engaged” with a real, store bought, gold ring and a written proposal from a boy and took a dead mole in a Ziplock bag to school for show and tell. No, Giana Jane is not your typical grade schooler, not even close. These hilarious stories are true and are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

“The Things that Come Out of My Mouth” by Karen Reynolds Scott (from

The things that come out of my mouth

Life with 10+ kids means you hear yourself saying things out loud that seem odd. Exceptionally odd. Things like, “No, I have never thought about what it would be like to drink my own pee”, or “Do not let her take that dead mole to school.” Then you will hear yourself asking many strange questions and you will get no legitimate answers. Things like “Why are their tennis shoes in the freezer?”, “Whose underpants are in the driveway?”or “Why would you invite boys to your slumber party without asking me first?” You will have to explain things that should need no explanation. Such as, “You can’t put a ham sandwich in your pants pocket”, or “There is no such ‘thing’ as a love stab.” This book is a compilation filled with the actual “Things That Came Out Of My Mouth” and real life stories, complete with photographic evidence, that opens the door to my world where you can take a brief glimpse into my funny life with all these kids.


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