Board Members and Leadership

Edye Button, KKIDS,Inc. Board President

Owner at Cash Flow Strategies, Inc.

Edye holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Millikin University. Edye has over 23 years working with businesses and medical practices as a business coach and is certified as an Executive Business Coach and serves on the following local boards:

  • Chair, SWFL Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • VP Membership, SWFL MGMA (Medical Group Management Association)
  • President, KKIDS, Inc.
  • Ambassador, Local Chapters of Business Women (LCBW)

Edye currently resides in Cape Coral with her husband, Alan, and three daughters Jasmine, Jocelyn and Jordyn.  When not assisting clients, Edye enjoys performing/ working in  community theater as an actor, director and choreographer with her daughters and relaxing on the beach.


Carleen Murone, KKIDS,Inc. Board Vice President

Licensed Realtor, Expert Esthetician, Functional Nutritionist, Small business Owner and recent newlywed as of Spring 2022!  Carleen is happily married to Patrick Branning and is a well connected and very busy woman but determined to help KKIDS,Inc. expand their horizons! By using her multiple talents and her experience and vision, she wants to assist in helping to secure ongoing monthly funding and to help them extend their reach of services to help more children and families.  She has willingly provided skin care services to the children in the KKIDS,Inc. program and has supported this non profit spiritually, physically, and financially over the years which makes her a valued asset to KKIDS,Inc. She has seen firsthand the impact that Bruce and Karen and making in the lives of children in Southwest Florida and wants to help them keep doing what they are skilled at doing. We are so happy to have her join the Board of Directors in 2022.

Sherri Kubesh, Board Member since 2018, former Board President of KKIDS,Inc., and Marketing Manager for Century 21/Genesis Care in Ft. Myers, Florida. Sherri also has two sons and a grandson that she adores. She has been instrumental in the growth and advancement of KKIDS,Inc. and believes more than ever that the fundamental policies of the child protective services in Florida, and nationwide, need to be dramatically altered to act solely in the best interest of the child. She has devoted countless hours of her time to serve on the Board of KKIDS,Inc. and is valued and appreciated. Sherri has known Bruce and Karen for years and has seen the tremendous amount of success that they have had with children that they have had in their home and the outreach they have in the community and wants to see them reach even more hurting people.

Mindy LaCroix, KKIDS,Inc. Advisory Committee Member Certified Public Accountant, C.F.P., C.A.M, and Florida Licensed Realtor, Mindy has also been with KKIDS,Inc. since the inception of this non profit and has truly been the one to help them realize their dreams of forming a 501(c)3 organization. An expert in all things related to non profit organizations, she is selfless in her service to the Ft. Myers community and helps multiple charitable organizations with her expertise. Her caring heart knows no limits and she truly believes in the work that KKIDS,Inc. is doing by opening up their home and hearts to so many children at risk, as well as feeding the homeless, fighting to correct the flawed child protective system, and drawing attention to the ways that everyone can help someone in need. Mindy has known Bruce and Karen for decades and knows their hearts for helping others and wants to support them in every way. Mindy is a true professional with a heart of gold. She is valued and appreciated so very much.


Roger Lolly, CEO of ABEZ an Energy Management Company that provides smart economic solutions to global energy challenges, CEO of the non profit “If I Can Dream” Foundation that gives underprivileged children with challenges a chance at success in life, and former professional baseball player, he is also a Ft. Myers Florida native and an all around great guy.  He is happily married to beautiful Kristen and father to 5 amazing children.  Roger has always been a fierce advocate for children with disabilities which is why he established his own non profit in 2013 to help them achieve their dreams. He believes entirely in the work that KKIDS,Inc. is doing and wants to come alongside with his support and do what he can to ensure their future success.  We are blessed to have Roger and Kristen as a part of the KKIDS,Inc. team!

Gina Sabiston, Assistant Director, Cape Coral Career and Technical College, Former Digital Design, Yearbook, & Video Production Instructor South Fort Myers High School, President Historic Preservation Commission Lee County, Board Member Edison Pageant of Light Lee County, Golden Apple Award Nominee, Teacher of the Year Recipient, as well as sitting and former member of many other community organizations. Gina is passionate about legacy and the spirit of what makes a community great – the people.   As an invested friend and caring bonus “Aunt” to the kids that come and go in the lives of Bruce and Karen, Gina is a regular at the Scott household. She has witnessed firsthand as a teacher that one caring adult can change the trajectory of the life of a child.  She has often partnered with KKIDS,Inc. with students of her own who needed a helping hand and appreciates so very much the mercy and generosity of their outreach. They help whoever, whenever, however they can.  With her vast experience and knowledge in grants and service learning projects she will continue to be a valuable asset to KKIDS,Inc. and a loving and caring friend to the family. Here, Gina is pictured with some of the KKIDS,Inc. children who love her dearly.

Kathy King Lilly, mother to 3 beautiful daughters and happily married to Chris Lilly, she is a professional fundraiser and event planner and a proud member of the legendary and well known King family of cape Coral.  Kathy absolutely LOVES the Scott family and all of their children and their mission to help all they encounter.  She frequently lavishes the kids in the home with decadent meals and treats and spoils them as much as possible and on every occasion. (Which they love.)  She wants to use her years of experience fundraising for Cape Coral Civic associations like Babe Ruth, Pop Warner, and the Cape Coral Soccer leagues to help KKIDS,Inc. raise what is needed to fulfill their God given visions and keep helping children and families in need.  She is truly invested in helping this non profit build awareness of their mission and help them achieve the notoriety that she feels they deserve so they can be recognized as a non profit that gives so much to the people in this community. We welcome this dynamo to our Board!

Nancy McGovern, Board Member

Nancy was a Registered Nurse B.S.N., M.S.M., Licensed Risk Manager, Legal Nurse Certificate, past Lee Memorial Health System board of Directors, and is now officially RETIRED. But that doesn’t mean she has stopped serving because she is now giving her time to KKIDS,Inc.!  Nancy has known Bruce and Karen since they were single, and even attended their wedding. She has loved watched their family grow and followed their journey to foster and adopt and has supported them every step of the way. Now, with more time available to her, she wants to do more to help them help others.  She is incredibly active in the community and has many resources that can broaden the scope of their outreach and strengthen their capabilities, for that we are all very grateful.  We welcome Nancy to our Board and look forward to serving with her because she truly cares so much for others.

John Lehotsky, Advisory Committee KKIDS,Inc.

formerly an employee of the United States Postal Service and previously a 20 year veteran of the car industry with Jaguar, Acura, and Toyota, he is now officially known as a “retiree” and happy to be able to devote his time to worthwhile causes that he believes in. KKIDS,Inc. is a non profit that is known to him because he is an avid auction goer and has observed Bruce and Karen for years and watched the kids that they have raised and been impressed with their love and care for all of these children.   Anne also served as a Board member with KKIDS,Inc. and together they believe that their support will make a difference in the lives of those hurting children and families in our community. They know that children are truly our future and are grateful that John has the time and desire to devote to helping KKIDS,Inc. fulfill their mission. We are so happy to have John on our team!


Holly Marth, KKIDS,Inc. Board Secretary

Licensed Realtor with Rockstar Realty and Edison Pageant of Light Board member, Holly is happily married to Andy and mother of 3 but her latest joy is being called Grandma. That is a title she absolutely adores!  Holly has been active with KKIDS,Inc. for years because she attends the same church as the Scott family.  She has watched many of the kids in this program grow up in person each week and been a part of their journey from foster care to adoption.  As an adopted child herself, she knows all too well what it means to be chosen and loved and have a forever family.  Holly has supported KKIDS,Inc over the years in every way- physically, spiritually, and financially and wants to help them keep helping others. With her dynamic personality, loving and caring heart of service, and her deep desire to help others, we know that Holly is going to be an asset for KKIDS,Inc. Welcome!

Russell Uhlig, CEO of WWJD Seamless Gutters and Pressure Washing, Russell also travels the globe as a missionary helping those in need.  He serves the Bread of Life mission in Punta Gorda and feed the homeless and travels to disaster sites with Samaritans Purse whenever there is a crisis. His heart is for those that are hurting. As a foster child that grew up in the system and did not have that happy ending with a forever home, Russell knows what it means for a child to feel the fear and trauma of foster care.  He recognizes the incredible love that Bruce and Karen give all the kids that come into their care and knows that they are changing lives and helping struggling parents and wants to do everything he can to help them.  He is known as “Uncle Russell” and is a regular at the house and supports them financially and in every way he can. He is a living testament to the good, the bad, and the ugly of foster care and how KKIDS,Inc. is doing it right. His experience can help us tremendously and we are blessed to have Russell as a part of our leadership team!



FOUNDERS and KKIDS,Inc. Parents:

Bruce Scott is a native of Ft Myers, Florida. Born and raised in N. Ft. Myers, he has been an integral part of the community his entire life. He is a Licensed Real Estate Broker, an elected official on the Board of the Lee County Mosquito Control, and a Licensed Auctioneer for over 35 years in the State of Florida. Karen Reynolds Scott was born and raised in Rock Island, Illinois and attended North Central University in Minneapolis, MN, and is also a Licensed Auctioneer.

Together they real estate, businesses, complete households, and conducts multiple annual charitable fundraiser auctions. But more important than any credentials, is their deep desire to see the broken child protective system changed to act solely in the best interest of the CHILD  and to restore families that have been affected by addiction.

It is their dream to see families throughout the community mirroring their program of helping kids in distress, kids who only need reliable adults who will love them, keep them safe, and believe in their dreams.

He and his wife, Karen, have been happily married for over 27 years and have 5 daughters and 3 sons and hope to give many more children a forever home.