Board Member Sherri Kubesh Chairman

Board Member Russell Uhlig

Board Member Mindy LaCroix,  Treasurer



Karen Reynolds Scott Executive Director

Bruce C. Scott, Founder and Co Director



Valerie Masse of John R. Wood Realty, Board Member

Marilyn Santiago of CARP, Inc.,  Member Advisory Board

Gina Racioppa of AG Family Insurance, Advisory Board Member



Bruce Scott is a native of Ft Myers, Florida. Born and raised in N. Ft. Myers, he has been an integral part of the community his entire life. He is a Licensed Real Estate Broker, an elected official on the Board of the Lee County Mosquito Control, and a Licensed Auctioneer for over 35 years in the State of Florida.

He auctions real estate, businesses, complete households, and conducts multiple annual charitable fundraiser auctions. But more important than any credentials, is his heart for people.

Bruce loves God and his family and wants to see the ministry of KKIDS flourish! It is his dream to see families throughout the community mirroring our program of helping kids in distress, kids who only need an reliable adult who will love them, keep them safe, and believe in their dreams.

He and his wife, Karen, have been happily married for over 20 years and have 4 beautiful daughters. Bruce has raised many children and adopted his youngest daughter through the foster system.
Karen Scott grew up in Rock Island, Illinois. After attending North Central University (North Central Bible College) she accepted a position at First Assembly of God in Ft Myers, Florida as the assistant to the Youth Pastor and Youth Music Director.  Karen has worked with children with autism, worked in a residential treatment facility for the chronic mentally ill, and has been involved in children’s ministries her entire life. After living in Los Angeles for several years while also traveling with a music group across the country, she returned to Florida where she met and fell in love with Bruce.

Karen is a professional singer, author, and recording artist, as well as a full time Mom. She is a member of the Fort Myers Woman’s Community Club as a Director. You can find her books and CD’s on the Merchandise Tab of this website. She has always loved and invested in children, and after being involved with the Children’s Home Network in Ft Myers knew that something had to be done to help the abused and neglected children of the community.

Her love of God, her educational background, fundraising and non profit experience, and her direct involvement in Children’s ministries, makes her an ideal candidate for creating a home environment where children can thrive. Her dream is to create multiple locations throughout the community where kids in distress can stay temporarily, permanently, or for respite, and receive the love, guidance, and hope that they desperately need while also providing guidance, assistance, and rehabilitation for their parents.

For a list of our 2017/2018 Board of Directors please email Karen@kkidsinc.org