Keeping Kids In Distress Safe

KKIDS, Inc. (Keeping Kids in Distress Safe) is a non profit organization and here is our mission statement:

Providing at-risk kids with safety, proper nutrition, clothing, supervised education, and practical life skills so they don’t perpetuate the lifestyle of poverty and government dependence.


To be a community conduit, connecting those that have the means and ability to help with those who are desperately in need, focusing especially on single-income families with children.

To break the cycle! Kids learn what they see, live what they know, turn into the people they have observed, unless they are provided with a positive alternative or the adults are given help to overcome their obstacles.

We aim to break the cycle of poverty, substance abuse, abandonment, unplanned pregnancies, criminal activity, and government dependence by providing at risk kids with a safe place to play, a safe place to learn and observe traditional family values and core commitments to community, education, and advancement, and a safe place when they are in crisis.

We want to encourage them to reach for their dreams, continue to invest in their lives well into their adulthood, and foster an attitude of gratitude that will ultimately lead them to pay it forward with other at risk children helping to break the cycle.

We want to hold them accountable for their own growth and development in a loving, safe, and fun environment. We love and nurture them, but our primary goal is to teach them how to navigate life on their own.

Our facility will also provide respite for struggling single parents with “at risk” kids who need guidance and direction, counselling, and/or intervention. Single working parents have one of the hardest jobs and truly need all the support and aid we can provide them.

Children in middle school are being offered drugs and alcohol as early as 5th grade, and because they have often observed the adults in their life using illegal substances, they are curious. Often times these at-risk kids have been sexually abused and use drugs and/or alcohol as a way to escape the emotional damage.

Teaching these kids at a young age that they have a safe place with trusted mentors to turn to, who are actively monitoring their social media and their after school activities can prevent the risk of addiction, early pregnancy, and other dangerous situations from developing.

By providing alternatives like art, dance, sports, life skills training, assisting the elderly, landscaping, swimming, pet care, and other physical options we can keep them entertained and active while also teaching them core values.