January has been a very busy month for us at KKIDS,Inc.!!

We have been grown by two more children who are currently sleeping on couches. They will both be with us long term and are known to us and loved dearly.
We have helped a long-suffering abuse victim successfully obtain a temporary restraining order against her abuser- something she has been fearful and unable to do for 25 years! We will accompany her to court in February to request that it be granted permanently.
We protected a precious little girl from a sexual predator, which gives us tremendous relief and makes the sleepless nights and tireless efforts WORTH IT ALL!
We renovated an empty and bare apartment and made it beautiful and comfortable for a family of 4! We delivered two washers and dryer sets to families and installed them.
We miraculously managed to secure an RV for a displaced family that would lose their children to foster care if they didn’t provide a safe place to live, as their hurricane-damaged mobile home had mold and was in need of significant repairs. Thankfully, very kind friends drove hours out of their way to deliver their beautiful RV, and we hooked it up and purchased all the lines/cables/necessities to make it functional for them. They were THRILLED and relieved. (We all were!)
We are desperate to find workers to help them repair their house and a sponsor that can help offset the cost. They are very low-income, and FEMA has not been helpful because they are tenants, and the elderly owner has not followed through because of health issues. It’s just a bad situation for them.
We have been there for all the kids in our extended care program and have sent help whenever needed. Things like a tire change (thank you, Angel!), help with obtaining a birth certificate or special papers delivered to the school, or a ride to a job interview. We wish we could be in several places at once sometimes!
KKIDS, Inc. has been letting a single mother use a vehicle until she gets her tax return and can purchase one. Her car was totaled in early January, and she would have lost her job without transportation. Through using our car, she has maintained her home and job. We are so thankful! Please be on the lookout for two reliable cars for two single-parent families in desperate need. Their budget is low, around $3,000.
We celebrated three birthdays, one of them a significant 18th milestone for our Giana!
These are just some of the highlights as we spend our days navigating the usual and unusual demands of parenting 12 kids and helping those that reach out to us with immediate needs like help with utilities or food.
We are SO GRATEFUL for your donations that help these families, as we do not receive federal funds! We are COMPLETELY SELF-FUNDED!!!
You are all angels of mercy, and we love you. We are here for you.

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