KKIDS, Inc. Monthly Operating Budget 2016

For a detailed annual budget in pdf format please email Karen@kkidsinc.org


  • GRANT or FINANCING for the purchase of a GROUP HOME in our current neighborhood. We can anticipate housing 18+ children and staff with transitioning openings occurring each year as children graduate and transition into independent living with our assistance. The foster system also places both short term AND long term placements depending upon how many beds are available. We would like to serve as many children as possible.
  • $499,000 for Group Home
  • PURCHASE or DONATION of a new or used 15 passenger Van. This purchase would allow us to drive in one vehicle saving on gas, insurance, and maintenance of multiple vehicles. Whenever we travel as a group we pull a utility trailer for our luggage.

* Sponsorship of monthly expenses including, but not limited to:

GROCERIES:  $1500+ monthly

WATER: $300 Monthly

ELECTRIC: $450 Monthly

LAUNDRY: $300 Monthly

SCHOOL: $400 Monthly

HYGIENE: $500 Monthly

INSURANCE: $300 Monthly

CABLE/COMPUTER: $160 Monthly

CLOTHING/SHOES: $460 Monthly



LEGAL: $200 Monthly

MAINTENANCE: $300 Monthly