An Introduction

Welcome to our very first KKIDS, Inc. post!

I must say, this is exciting and terrifying at the same time. I am thrilled about the endless possibilities of where God will lead us. Our mission is simple(ish) – we just want kids to be safe.


Many of the kids under our roof have lived through incredibly dangerous situations including face to face exposure to drugs (as in ‘within arms reach’ of heroin needles and baggies of crack), violence (as in ‘people I don’t know are fist fighting in my living room and there is blood all over’ or ‘I am disciplined with the buckle end of a belt across my back’ kind of thing), unsafe living conditions (like ridiculous fire hazards such as passed out adults leaving cigarettes on the sofa and setting curtains ablaze, nearby gunfire, and horrific bug infestations that cause all the furniture to have to be thrown out), and weapons of all kinds. Right where they are at. Within arms reach of kids under 10 years of age.

Our mission is to remove them IMMEDIATELY from that environment as fast as we can drive there. We want to be, or have someone be, one phone call and minutes away. We swoop them up and take them to our house where they are safe, clean, fed, clothed, and surrounded with love and support.

Our more extensive mission is to help them THRIVE!

Whether they remain with us for one night, one year, or one lifetime, it doesn’t matter to us! We will always look out for them and they will be in our hearts. We want to bridge the gap, to help be their protective ‘nest’ until they are ready to spread their wings and fly on their own.

And even then, we will do what our parents did (and still do) for us. Be there. Be there with a shoulder to cry on, help with a car or an apartment, advice, a homemade meal, whatever. These kids don’t have the luxuries of two parent households, or parents with any means to help them get started in life. Their caregivers are doing their best just to keep their heads above water and the kids are destined to repeat the cycle unless someone intervenes. We want to intervene and we ARE!

The truth is, we are stepping out in faith trusting that our meager efforts will be like the fishes and loaves… multiplied one hundred fold! And it would be terrifying if I thought I was doing it on my own.
I mean, who am I to think that I could possibly do something to impact our community and the lives of children and parents? Lord knows I’m not rich, and I don’t have any special qualifications. What I do have is a vast and unwavering love for kids, and I can’t bear to see them repeat the cycle of poverty, drugs, and violence. We have to break the cycle and if God can use me in some way, then I am willing.

I cherish each of you who are standing with us financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
Every aspect of that is needed in order for us to succeed in changing the lives of children and bringing the light into the darkness.

I have to try.

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