4th Grade is Complicated

This popped up in my facebook memories and I had to share it again. It’s hilarious. Conversation with Gigi my 10 year old 4th grader and Emily my 16 year old sophomore.

Gigi: “So, get this, now THREE boys at school like me!”

Me: “Really? which ones?”

Gigi: “Well, William, and now Hykeem and Jeremiah.”

Emily: “Weren’t you just saying that you liked Jeremiah?”

Gigi: “Yeah, I did like him but then William gave me a ring.”

Me: “Well, Gigi, this is something you have to learn early on.. you can’t lead boys on… You have to decide which one you like and then let the others ones down gently so you don’t break their little hearts. I mean, you already have a ring from William, now what will you do if Jeremiah shows up at school gives you a ring? Then what would happen?”

Gigi: (pausing, then matter of factly says)… “I’d make up my mind after I saw the ring.”

Emily: “Wow. Just wow Giana.”

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